2017-03-27 10:17:24
With China's economy into the new normal growth in low speed, China's weighing industry is facing reshuffle. Not only facing sluggish growth in the market, but also facing internal competition, profit pressure within the industry, a huge industry R & D investment is seriously insufficient and lack of attractiveness, lack of refinement of enterprise management and so on, lead the development of the industry in question. The entire industry, is facing a major transformation and upgrading, while China made 2025 just like a beacon, the industry in the direction of the development of the industry in the 4 edition of China's weighing industry as a beacon, indicating the direction of the front.
The era of Internet of things quietly, everything interconnected, change and even subvert the traditional mode of production, business model, organization and management model, as well as capital and mental model. The development of the Internet of things, not only has a significant impact on the weighing industry in China and the world, but also will have a profound impact on the end customer, equipment manufacturers and measurement supervision and management departments.
First of all, the customer terminal (enterprise more) because that heavy networking won the value data at the core of the more: one is real-time data transmission and monitoring, through weighing data real-time transmission covering GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth and Ethernet communication technology, data center real-time record weighing process (including weight, time the goods, the measurement parameter modification, real-time query and storage) and abnormal alarm, back and open to the regulatory authorities to achieve supervision; two is to share data, through the PC, APP, computer terminal end mobile phone anytime to share data, and can be traced back to the original data; the three is still valid data privacy protection; four is to prevent cheating fault alarm data to solve the relative accuracy; the five is the big data analysis to effectively solve the different industries under different environment optimization and equipment selection. The utility model can effectively extend the service life of the equipment is about 30%; the six is to enhance the quality of service, create a preventive, accuracy and timeliness of manufacturing service industry situation; seven is the weighing data and unattended, ERP management system, weighing management software combination, effectively enhance the value of the data and the enterprise information management level; eight is the construction of equipment maintenance the platform, the user needs promptly and equipment manufacturers, network operators to communicate more in place, promote the industry customer needs innovation. The implementation of weighing of the Internet, the terminal customer weighing enterprises have lifelong assistant, doctors and all the partners. Interconnection of all things, from the beginning of the product, and ultimately the supply and demand of the two sides of the depth of friendship. The eight is to carry out remote, Remote Guidance Scale (such as the scale of the table adjustment, angle adjustment, etc.), for the enterprise to save labor and service costs, improve work efficiency, reduce standby time.
Secondly, the equipment manufacturers through the implementation of weighing the Internet, to achieve the development of enterprises reborn. One is the open intelligent equipment and information era, increase equipment selling and value-added services; two is the comprehensive forced equipment manufacturers to enhance the market insight, on-site service, product development, internal talent innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; three is the product of customized and personalized manufacturing system, enhance the profitability of the business; the four is to strengthen the the competitiveness of enterprises especially in bidding in bidding can be convinced out or in the same regional enterprises all peer selection, service, excellent operating records, promote the possibility of winning; the five is to change the enterprise business model, service, software, transformation, the proportion of rental income rose gradually, greatly enhance the enterprise gross margin and profit structure improvement six; networking communication platform to rapidly improve the ability to grasp the needs of enterprise customers, according to market changes rapidly A resource intensive enterprise meet the terminal market; seven is to enhance customer loyalty, so as to provide detection, third party site service for the terminal customers all measurement products, value chain on customer service for life, won the life-long creation system. Equipment manufacturers only conform to the development trend of the Internet of things, in order to survive in this wave in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore and get great development.
Finally, the development of the Internet of things, on the one hand to bring new issues to the measurement and supervision departments, on the other hand, learn to use the Internet of things, but also to improve the effectiveness of measurement and supervision of a powerful tool. The first is to realize that the irreversible development trend of Internet of things, must be called heavy networking essential issues in-depth study, weaknesses, flow, taking advantage of the work. Two is the supervision system on the characteristics of network fault alarm and anti cheat, as the group of enterprises in the region to prevent cheating phenomenon and key regulatory industry source to be overloaded network monitoring, standardize enterprise, enhance the supervision of the technical level, to prevent adverse market behavior, purify the market environment. Three is the verification regulations and industry standards on construction of instrument and equipment on the need to consider the communication protocol and interface standardization, remote verification regulations, remote operation control procedures, PC terminal and mobile phone APP interface standard management of the new changes, development and training, landing new regulations and verification of industry standards, to avoid the regulatory lag behind the market situation. At the same time in the license management, in addition to abolish the maintenance license system, open service weighing equipment market, also due to the era of things under the industry in different enterprises in the industry ecological chain began to re positioning, positioning, clamping and other industry consolidation trend to consider. This trend will lead to the original part of the manufacturing enterprises have to focus on the stock of services, so as to give up the manufacturing sector to service, so that the number of licenses to reduce the number of enterprises and improve quality. This trend also to reduce and improve quality. This trend will also lead to the emergence of industry consolidation of large enterprise groups in the merger and acquisition of enterprise licenses issued, need to consider simplifying or exemption of the new license management approach. The last is to promote the reform of the management system of new quality inspection system, on the one hand to strengthen the regulatory functions, such as anti cheating, periodic verification specification, key industries such as chemicals, food and other enterprise measurement accuracy should be beneficial to the people's livelihood; detection, open third weight bridgetest car rental and service, the third party measurement service market on the other hand will be handed over to the enterprise market behavior, implementation, seize things strategic opportunity to promote the effective separation, the invisible hand of the market and the government visible hand to return to their essential function, more conducive to the healthy development of the Chinese quality inspection system. The four is the impact on the Legal Institute of Metrology: whether it is "GB/T 7724-2008", "GB/T electronic weighing instrument 23111-2008 non automatic weighing instrument" or OIML R76 international recommendation, and the calibration method of the relevant standards are also not needle symmetry characteristics of heavy networking instruments. First of all, different from the conventional electronic weighing instrument, a weighing instrument networking new wireless RF transmission technology for wireless RF transmission of the weighing accuracy and reliability of the data to the metrological verification or testing assessment will inevitably become the legal metrology organization to face. At the same time, the EMC performance evaluation, weighing instrument networking in addition to meet existing standards EMC anti-jamming performance test requirements, but also need to perform "GB/T 4824-2013 industrial scientific and medical (ISM) equipment Radio disturbance characteristics limits and methods of measurement", "GB9254-2008 information technology equipment Radio disturbance characteristics limits and the measurement method", "GB/T22450.1-2008 900-1800MHZTDMA digital cellular mobile communication system electromagnetic compatibility limits and methods of measurement - part first: mobile station and ancillary equipment" and other wireless communication products industry standard. The above two points are required to consider whether to increase the legal metrology institutions revised "GB/T 7724-2008" and "GB/T electronic weighing instrument 23111-2008 non automatic weighing instrument" and the corresponding evaluation and verification procedures outline type, and then put forward suggestions on the revision of OIML R76 from the international organization of legal metrology, and lay in the Internet of things, big data background, legal Chinese the institution of metrological technology as OIML R76 proposed amendments to advocate position, expand the influence of Chinese metrological institutes in the world.
Weighing things for weighing enterprises, quality supervision regulators, end customers will have a long-term and profound impact, a new round of industrial revolution is gradually kicked off. We must face the reality, beyond the bend, conform to the development trend Chinese manufacturing measurement technology Chinese weighing 2025, innovative business models, innovative quality inspection management system, in order to seize the opportunity, in the globalization in the shape of Chinese weighing enterprises and regulators towards the "intelligent, weighing measurement information and effective supervision and service optimization direction!

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